Sunday, 27 September 2015

The edge of Autumn

During a relatively cool summer there has been a great deal of wildlife activity in the garden.  Butterflies have been particularly evident with red admirals and holly blues being present in larger numbers than usual.  Or at least more obvious due to favourable weather conditions.  Enclosed sunny gardens are very good for attracting insects in general. On buddleias Jersey Tiger moths and Hawnet hoverflies have been seen.

Thinking ahead to next year. I am currently planting alliums between foxgloves to provide two tiers of contrasting flower shapes.   Under-planting with short stemmed nicotiana will add scent and colour continuing until Autumn.

Plant all bulbs now as soon as you have purchased them as they are easily forgotten if stored away.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Signs of Spring

Time for Snowdrops 

Snowdrops are flowering now. This will also be the time to plant them as growing plants. Buy them in the green either by mail order or you can buy them in pots from garden centres.


Don't forget that this is time to finish your pruning very soon.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Prepare for Spring Planting

Jobs for January

If the ground is not waterlogged or frozen, planting trees, shrubs and roses can continue. Pruning can also be carried out.

Prepare ground for spring planting, eg vegetable beds and herb garden. On heavy soils leave the soil roughly dug to allow the weather to break it down.

Gardens need not be uninteresting in winter, even on the dullest day.In my garden I have a grouping of Cornus sanguinea " Midwinter Fire" ( orange stems ). Pittosporum " Tom Thumb " ( purple leaves all year ).and Sarcococca hookeriana Dignya, ( perfumed winter flowers ) . Together these 3 plants occupy 3 sq.m.of space, require minimal maintainance and look good all year.In small gardens winter flowering heathers are particularly valuable.

Why not visit a winter garden such as the one at Wakehurst Place, West Sussex, for inspiration.